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Howto: easy step-by-step guide to setup a maiden Raspberry pi minicomputer. First usage.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-raspberry-pi-first-usage.html

Howto: display/get hardware versions and software versions. Use inxi with Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-raspberry-pi-hardware-software-info.html

Install, configure your personal UFW - Uncomplicated fireWall - on a Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-raspberry-pi-ufw-uncomplicated-firewall.html

Google Analytics versus Webalizer. Deploy Webalizer for Apache web severs running on Raspberry pi. Download Webalizer theme.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-webalizer.html

Howto: installation and configuration php5, MySQL and phpMyAdmin modules on Rasberry Pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-server-php-5-mysql.html

A step-by-step guide to setup a dedicated Windward game server with distinct settings. Windows, Linux, Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-dedicated-windward-game-server.html

Here has one Raspbery Pi only. Simplest Apache http web server driven by a lightweight HTML5 CSS theme template. Set up a dedicated Windward game server. Raspi | Introduction.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/index.html

Howto: enable CGI and Perl modules for Apache version 2.4 web server on Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-server-cgi-perl.html

Access a Raspberry pi via sftp. Hafenzoll@Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-raspberry-pi-sftp-access.html

How to: step-by-step guide to set up a Apache version 2.4 http server on Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-http-web-server.html

Raspberry pi. Simplest http web server. Information to latest news and revisions.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/server-changelog-content.html

How to: step-by-step guide to set up a Apache version 2.4 http Varnish memory cache on Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-http-varnish-cache.html

How to set up Apache version 2.4 web server htaccess. Raspberry pi uncomplicated.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-server-htaccess.html

Apache 2.4 web server error handling on Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-server-error-handling.html

Simple robots.txt for Apache version 2.4 web server. Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-apache2-server-robots-txt.html

Howto: Apache version 2.4 web server Fail2Ban installation with Raspberry pi.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/setup-raspberry-pi-fail2ban.html

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