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🏴 Windward, the pirates game developed with Unity to one 3D self-experience

Windward {maritime: the windward side} is a game inspired by the classic Sid Meier's Pirates. Sea battles are fought in the fictional 17th century. Different types of ships, randomly generated maps and different goals are provided as singleplayer or multiplayer on maps & instances. By winning gold, resources and gaining experience, skills can be promoted. Go as a pirate, merchant, conqueror or researcher - everything is possible.

Tasharen Windward game logo

Windward is a thoroughly friendly co-op game online.
Windward is a rather simple knitted game, but it can captivate the player with it's addictive (!) gameplay.

Establishment and growth of new towns
A particularly nice feature is the establishment and growth of the towns. If you have done a certain number of quests from a town or have compensated your shortage with trade, it grows by one. The maximum size of a town is 10. Sometimes the player receives the order to start a new town. He can then name these by himself. The only downer is that the placement of towns is limited.

Factions and pirates
Besides the peaceful way, there are still the fights. On the sides of the ship are most cannons. In addition, enemy ships can be rammed. The bigger your ship is compared to the other the better. Special attacks with a cooldown are also available. Here's the role-playing world greetings again. The fun fights are action packed and rather non-tactical.

Windward game faction Exchange Windward game faction Sojourn Windward game faction Consulate Windward game faction Valiant Windward game faction Pirates

In addition, the faction boundaries can be extended. Most areas are occupied by pirates. If you enter such an area, you can conquer the enemy towns. You have to wait a certain amount of time in the port of the town until it changes faction. In addition, no enemy ship or active watchtower must be nearby. When all towns in the area are conquered, it belongs to their own faction. The conquests can be very protracted with the AI. But fortunately there is the multiplayer mode to gain higher, more experience, gold and resources.


The biggest strength of the game gets in multiplayer. If you want you can set the option that a friend can join the game at any time. Suddenly the singleplayer game becomes a co-op. There are also public online servers. The progress of your own ship is always stored locally on your HDD and/or in a cloud (powered by Valve, Steam). For example, you can level up your ship online and then reuse it as a single player.

The Windward seabattle game. The pirates 3D experience made with Unity. Singleplayer and multiplayers.

Different climate zones bring varieties to the eye. There is even a day/night change. But it is hardly recognizable that the night has begun.

💰 No micropayments. What means that? A micropayment is a financial transaction involving a very small sum of money and usually one that occurs online. You will never ever find those within Windward developed by 🔗 Tasharen.

Overall, Windward is very clearly designed. On the map you can see the towns with their surpluses and shortages. A kind of navigator leads the player then to the desired point. With just a few WASD you can also travel quickly to other areas.

One 🌴 instance map with multiple players in observer mode recorded

This clip was recorded in observer mode on public server established by Tasharen, instance was Combat. Just to demonstrate what really occurs inside Windward in case you ranked up more or less. Be aware of the fact you may estimate if you got a legal issue of this game to join the public servers at all.

Alternative 🔗 on Vimeo

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18-Dec 2018

Hafenzoll 2019