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Weather widget | Weather code snippet

Local weather conditions & 7-days weather forecast

Excellent weather fittings for your website, forum & blog provided by Titi Tudorancea .

The current previews for my home location.

Current conditions for Western Europe

Use this excellent weather widget to show the weather forecasts for your website, forum and blog. It's powerful, fast, easy to implement and it works for about 200,000 places, cities, towns and even small villages from all over the world. And it's 100% free!

🔗 Get the Weather Widget from Titi This weather forecast widget is very fast. It is normally delivered to the client in about <1 second.

CSS style : self-modified

Simple javascript snippet

Setup parameters

place (required)
This is the most important parameter: its value must be the ID (as a string) of the place you want to show the forecast for. To get the ID of a place, go to the page with the forecast for that place, and then click the 🔗 "GETTHECODE" button on the right column. When you click that button, all the widgets on this page are updated to use the ID of that place, and you may copy the code from any example.
If you did not visit the forecast page for a place before coming here, type the name of a place in the search box on the right, and once you find it click the 🔗 "GETTHECODE" button on the right column of the page.

days (required)
This is another important parameter. It controls the number of days (valid range is 1 to 7) of the forecast.

lang (optional)
This parameter controls the language of the forecast. Default value is en. Other accepted values are: de, fr, it, pt, es, ro.

temp (optional)
You can modify this parameter to show Celsius temperatures (temp=c) or Fahrenheit temperatures (temp=f). If you omit this parameter, the default is c.

s (optional, but recommended)
This parameter controls the type of place, and it helps the widget run faster. Its value is filled in automatically (with the place ID) when you click the "GETTHECODE" button on the forecast page. Accepted values are in the range 1-3.

utf8 (optional)
The names of some places include special charactes. If your website has the encoding UTF-8, set this parameter to yes to display them as they are. If your website uses another encoding, leave the value of this parameter to no (the default value) to translate special characters to ASCII.
If the source code of your website includes something like meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" then your site is encode in UTF-8, and you may set the parameter utf8 of the widget to yes. If the names of the place you want to show the forecast for does not include special charactes, the value of this parameter does not matter, and you may delete it.

columns (optional)
If you want to limit the number of columns (forecast days) on each row, set the columns parameter. Accepted values are in the range 1 to 7.

sidebyside (optional)
If this is set to yes, the text of the forecast is shown next to the icons, not below. Please remember that if you set sidebyside to yes, the parameter columns is ignored.

Source: Titi Tudorancea to 🔗 examples, setup parameters and the FAQ

22-Jun 2017
Revised 15-Jul 2018

Hafenzoll 2019