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Free dynDNS provider versus own Second-Level-Domain SLD

The dynDNS to TLD domain relocation easily made

Apache Setup Raspberry pi mini computer to dedicated game server. LAMP. Apache Raspberry pi mini computer. Dedicated game server.
That is simply just another http web server powered by Apache Software
and the Raspberry pi Foundation with Raspbian Debian OS Stretch Lite on it.

Since there are only a few articles on our planet Earth to get about, I decided to type down my empirical knowledge.


It does not matter what Top-Level-Domain .com .net .org or whatever it has.
Other TLDs are suggested and implemented for various reasons and 🔗 new ones are added regularly (Wikipedia).

Go and compare the monthly fees with some domain name registrars. You may obtain a cheap .com domain for less than 1€/$ per month. Some providers offer plain packages without any additional web space, VPN & MySQL, but - however - include functionalities like email POP3 IMAP, dynDNS and subdomains. That might be perfect if you operate a Raspberry pi or similar apparatus 🙂 as a full functional web server from home. Not every provider takes https in combination with dynDNS.

Regarding dynDNS: a faily fast internet connection & modern internet router will update the new IP within a few seconds. So, get almost no dropouts unless you know about your 🔗 web server usage. Keep in mind that you self require a certain amount of bandwidth when going online. Keep your future domain host - graphically - as close as possible to your dedicated web server.

Rule of thumb says that you figure out a perfect domain name.

  • memorable
  • as short as possible
  • easy to spell
  • catchy !

From no-cost dynDNS domain to own SLD domain relocation

Free Dynamic DNS service providers point your dynamic IP address to a free and static subdomain from a specific host domain.


Very often free dynDNS providers severely limited their free account offerings like restricted to two or three hostnames and account will expire if not updated every 30 days.

Those subdomains are often not so SEO-friendly when you plan to submit your XML-sitemap to search engines like Bing, Google & Co. With No-IP I got to know that Bing did not accept the site verification process. Just failed for unknown reason.

Another contra has, occasionally the provider did not update the new IP address. It may take a couple of minutes or even hours. Longest took almost 24 hours !

You'll never know when free providers take down their domains, hosts, servers.


Everything is up to you. If you are a newbie in the business, try any free provider as I did in the past. Then, when the time is mature enough for Ready Steady & Go and feeling 100% confidental to step ahead, take the risk to run it under your own domain name. Have fun, but do it in the right way.

Requires a basic knowledge in:

   Your modem / router functionality
   Forwarding / redirect TCP on port (http 8080, 80)
   HTML and CSS
   .htaccess handling

Wish good luck to you.
I met my choice.

25-Nov 2017

Web server | Why I don't use Wordpress' CMS & no other hidden costs opportunities

Wordpress is a free web application for managing the content of a website. It is particularly useful for building and maintaining a weblog, as it can assign each post to one or more freely-definable categories and automatically generates the corresponding navigation elements. In addition, Wordpress can also manage hierarchical pages and allows the use as a content management system.

What about the great things that Wordpress gives to you?
Wordpress gives you a quick install, tons and tons of themes - almost all of them have almost the same boring styles - and simple plugin installations, SEO capabilities. And ... and for the most interesting plugins you have to pay for.

SEO, the socalled Search Engine Optimization is nothing else than a money grabbing factor externally controlled. You do not need any assistances/helps by third parties anyhow influenced to optimize your pages. A self-study about it should be one of your main targets.

⛔ Do never ever submit your username and password to such wrong affiliated developers and freelancers unless such you know them personally.

Wordpress is the most popular and widely used CMS : One thing I don't like about Wordpress is the security. All the generated daily logfiles to my Apache server sing that to me. Second thingy : and really really really you never ever won't learn anything to textbased coding for example to html5 and css3.

So, that's the answer to this Why is that I stay primitively with a vintage style to myself preferred.

And that's just as well. General rule of thumb : after around one year you established your personal domain with all the pages underneath become more effective to the major search engines in the world wide web. This is not a secret. It's all the matter of time, not at all your money invested for any rapid actions.

Remember, at least one year present being.

hafenzoll, zoll, hafen

23-Dec 2018

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