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Instance map - multiplayer 🌴

This clip was recorded in observer mode on public server established by Tasharen, instance was Combat. Just to demonstrate what really occurs inside Windward in case you ranked up more or less. Be aware of the fact you may estimate if you got a legal issue of this game to join the public servers at all.

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22-Jun 2017

Windward add-ons

Available from the Steam workshop.

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22-Jun 2017

Long John Silverstein (Pigs in Space - 1977)

Captain Link Hogthrob is alone on the deck of the Swinetrek, on a late-night watch. Suddenly, the deck is invaded by a pirate, Long John Silverstein, who lays siege to the ship. Hogthrob informs the pirate that this is a spaceship; he's supposed to be on an ocean someplace. Silverstein tries to regain control of the situation, while being nagged by his parrot.

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26-Jun 2017

Towed in a hole in colour

Laurel and Hardy are in the fish business. They drive around town seeing if they can sell any. Stan suggests they catch their own fish and keep all the profits. Ollie likes the idea of cutting out the "middleman" so they buy a boat at a junk yard. After testing it for leaks by filling it with water and some setbacks such as dropping an anchor through the hull and sawing through the mast, they succeed in fixing it up. When the boat is finally ready, the whole operation goes south when they decide to hoist the sail.

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29-Oct 2017

Shaun the sheep

The farmer asks Bitzer to help renovate an old boat, but when his back is turned, the sheeps and pigs turn the refurbishment into a swashbuckling game of pirates.

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29-Oct 2017

Fish slapping dance

Nazi Fish: (with bad German accent) Welcome aboard, Britisher pig. Quite a little surprise, ja? But perhaps you would be so kind as to tell us all you know about certain allied shipping routes, ja? Come on, talk!

British Fish: (with bad British accent) Hello, Fritz. Tables seem to have turned, old chap, let's see how you like a bit of your own medicine, eh? Come on, Fritz, now tell us - tell us about...

Chinese Fish: (with terrible Chinese accent) Ah, gleetings, capitalist dog; very sorry but must inform you, you are now prisoner of People's Republic. Second Voice: Am very sorry, comrade commando, but have just picked up capitalist ship on ladar scanner.

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07-Jul 2017

Inspector Clouseau

"The massage! And it was you that gave it to me."
"You mean message!" .....
..... "Your massage!"

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27-Jun 2017

The Crimson Permanent Assurance ...

... is a 1983 swashbuckling comedy short film that plays as the beginning of the feature-length motion picture Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

After their hard-earned victory, the clerks continue to "sail the wide accountan-sea" (as they sing in their heroic sea shanty), until unceremoniously meeting their end by falling off the edge of the world, due to their belief about the shape of the world being "disastrously wrong".

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22-Jun 2017

filmstrip, film, stripfilmstrip, film, strip

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