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Portugal | Madeira, Porto Santo, the nine Azorean islands - Cinematique 🎥 media

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Portugal | The nine Azorean islands - A unique archipelago

The Portuguese first reached the Azores in 1427. Their caravels put in at the islands of Santa Maria and São Miguel, and from those beginnings, all nine islands were gradually settled. During the 16-th and 17-th centuries, the islands’ geographical position was pivotal for Atlantic navigation between Europe, the Orient and the Americas. During that period, the sea around the Azores was the scene of important seabattles, and pirates often attacked the islands themselves. Over the following centuries, the archipelago developed with the introduction of new crops, animal husbandry techniques and larger fisheries. The Azores has always been part of Portugal and today has autonomous region status with its own assembly and government.

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09-Dec 2018

Portugal | Porto Santo - not as green as Madeira

Porto Santo lies 43 km northeast of Madeira.

Zarco and his crew took shelter here in 1418, while on their way to explore the west coast of Africa. Realizing that the island would be a useful base, he returned here in 1419 to plant the Portuguese flag, going on to Madeira the following year. Early settlers introduced rabbits and goats, which quickly stripped the island of its vegetation, so Porto Santo is not as green as Madeira. Instead, the “Golden Island” has one major asset: its magnificent sandy beach, which brings holiday makers from Madeira and mainland Europe in search of sunshine, sea and the agreeable sense of being a very long way from the busy world.

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09-Dec 2018

Portugal | Madeira, the floating garden

Madeira is an island 650 km west of Morocco. The landscape remembers its volcanic origin, but don’t worry – volcanic activity has ceased. Madeira is but 57 km long and 22 km broad. Because of its pleasant subtropical climate Madeira has been a tourist attraction for many years now. It is mild during winter, and during summer it never gets very hot (rarely above 30°C) like in the Mediterranean, because there’s a cool breeze from the Atlantic, where a branch of the Gulf Stream ensures stabile temperatures all year round. The predominant wind comes from the North, and most of the rain falls on the island’s North side, where the winds collide with the mountains. The Southern side basks in the sun and a cool breeze is sucked in from the sea when the heated air rises.

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09-Dec 2018

filmstrip, film, stripfilmstrip, film, strip

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