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🦊 Make your Mozilla Firefox web browser faster, safer and more stable

Mozilla Firefox browser uBlock Origin Firefox addon Popup Blocker Ultimate Firefox addon
🔗 Firefox Browser   🔗 uBlock Origin   🔗 Popup Blocker

⛔ Due to the lack of appreciation to privacy Google's Chrome browser is not recommended.

Firefox began life long ago as Mozilla, the core of Netscape Navigator, the - almost - original browser.

Want a safer browsing experience ? Simply adjust the settings by yourself.

Mozilla Netscape Navigator

Mozilla Firefox is arguably the best all-around web browser available that combines strong privacy protection features, good security, active development and regular updates.
Find some detailed information to Firefox's internal features and preferences here to discover: 🔗 Firefox Privacy - A complete How To Guide at Restore Privacy.

Disable features not urgently needed. Retested under Linux Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 and Microsoft Windows 8.1.

Type in the address bar about:config and confirm the warning message. Search for preference names with extensions.. To change values from true to false or vice versa just doubleclick the specific preference name. Some values are deliberately kept empty.

Mozilla Firefox web browser about:config

Preference NameValue

Preference NameValue

Preference NameValue

Preference NameValue

Preference NameValue

3rd party PluginsValue
Crtl Shift A
Shockwave Flash (if applicable)Ask to Activate
Widevine Content Decryption (if applicable)Ask to Activate
OpenH264-Videocodec *Never Activate

* mainly set for Peer-To-Peer (streaming live videos from IP to IP) used by video-conference tools

For machines with at least 4 GB RAM (Linux) 6 GB RAM (Windows) installed.

Preference NameValue

Turn on Private Browsing in Firefox Crtl Shift P

In addition to not recording your web browsing history, Firefox also enables tracking protection. As well as you should set the policy for third-party Cookies to Never accept.

Enable DNS-over-https (DoH) and encrypt SNI in Mozilla's Firefox

The goal is to increase the privacy and security of users by preventing the interception and manipulation of DNS data through man-in-the-middle attacks. The Mozilla Firefox browser since version 60 has the option to enable DoH as an experimental feature. Mozilla, in collaboration with Cloudflare, provides a DoH server that must meet strict privacy requirements. and - under these IP addresses the preferred DNS servers of Cloudflare can be reached. The provider lures with a high speed DNS queries and promises that his systems are particularly secure.

Preference NameValue

🔗 Cloudflare’s Browsing Experience Security Check page.

🔗 Intro to DNS over HTTPS.

It's all up to you if you deploy it or skip it. Just a matter with trustworthy with your personal internet service provider (ISP).

If your Firefox browser does not entcrypt the Server Name Indication (SNI): type about:config in the search box and look for network.security.esni.enabled. Default value is set to false. Double click on it to change to true.

... If the domain you visit doesn't support DNSSEC, TLS 1.3, and Encrypted SNI, you are still potentially vulnerable, even if your browser supports these technologies.

Nano Defender

Nano Defender for uBlock Origin     At the moment I do something experimental with Nano Defender.
     An anti-adblock defuser for uBlock Origin.
     🔗 Firefox Add-ons / Extensions / Nano Defender

11-Mar 2019

⛔ Prevent your web browser from mining cryptocurrency

Regardless of the method you use to control your CPU and GPU usage, it’s becoming more and more of a concern for the common Internet users. If want to know more about it you may ask 🔗 Quora.

The 🔗 Adblock No Coin List : has a special browser extension which users can adopt in order to prevent cryptocurrency mining. No Coin is an open-source extension that controls how a website is interacting with your web browser. It will search any website for possible mining activity and alert you if any such processing is occurring. The extension will allow you to block or whitelist those websites as you prefer.

An alternative to No Coin is 🔗 CoinEater

15-Mar 2019

The Waterfox project | a lightweight alternative to Firefox

Got tired of keeping about:config up-to-date ?

Waterfox is an open-source web browser for 64-bit operating systems, with an aim to be speedy, ethical, and maintain support for legacy extensions dropped by Firefox, from which it is forked. There are official releases for 64-bit Windows, macOS, 64-bit Linux, and 64-bit Android. Source 🔗 Wikipedia

🔗 Waterfox Project

As keep it not as my personal secret that I have choosen 🔗 ubuntuBudgie as operating system together with the Firefox browser for greater than 99% of my monthly usage. The remaining less than 1% falls with Microsoft's Windows 8.1 and Waterfox browser.

Waterfox web browser. Lightweight alternative to Firefox.

Unfortunately some limitations with Waterfox are the availability of add-ons. When I started to use it to discover, many of Firefox's add-ons were blocked as incompatible. Let's cross fingers for the future.

The good news: at least 🔗 uBlock Origin is compatible.

17-Mar 2019

Hafenzoll 2019