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Easy & simple weather forecast widget with javascript for your website, blog, forum. Get the current weather conditions. 6-day forecast example.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/weather-forecast-widget.html


A interesting overview to the mainland of Portugal. Find the locations of interest and outdoor activities. Wheather forecasts.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/portugal-mainland-overview.html


Some ample information about the Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) islands. Wheather forecast.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/portugal-article-history-colony-cape-verde.html


Madeira, Madeiran Archipelago and the Azores islands are known as the Pearls of the Atlantic, the Floating Gardens.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/portugal-madeira-island-archipelago.html


/* Styles to weather widget */ .TTWBT { font-weight: bold; font-size: 0px; font-family: Tahoma, Ubuntu, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;...
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/text-weather-css.txt


Yellow pages. A hotchpotch of www links collected. HTML4 HTML5 CSS.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/yellow-pages-www-links.html


Some ample information about São Tomé and Príncipe. Wheather forecast.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/portugal-article-history-sao-tome-and-principe.html


A interesting overview to the Algarve, Portugal. Find the locations of interest and outdoor activities.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/portugal-algarve.html


Some ample information a Timor East, Timor Leste. Wheather forecast.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/portugal-article-history-east-timor-timor-leste.html


Some ample information about Macao (port. Macau) islands. Wheather forecast.
🔗 http://hafenzoll.com/pages/portugal-article-history-colony-macao-macau.html


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