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One not so plainest http web server to one very lightweight html5/css3 layout

Apache Setup Raspberry Pi mini computer to dedicated game server. LAMP. Apache Raspberry Pi mini computer. Dedicated game server.

That is simply just another http web server powered by Apache Software

and the Raspberry Pi Foundation with Raspbian Debian OS Stretch Lite on it.

The small computer is in great demand for many. You get the Raspberry Pi for about 40€, a full-sized computer with the size of a credit card. Especially for people who want to tinker and try something, can plunge into the world of Linux and programming. In addition to programming, the Raspberry Pi can also be used to realize other projects such as a 🔗 Apache web server or a 🔗 dedicated Windward game server.

No prior knowledge of Linux or any programming language is required. With the necessary curiosity the existing gaps in skills can be filled. People who are already dealing with the matter master the Pi very fast.

Even multiple projects can be tested simultaneously on a Pi, because the operating system is installed on a microSD card and can be exchanged for another with another operating system in seconds. In addition, the Raspberry Pi gets stronger with each version. At the same time, the computer in credit card format remains energy efficient. 💚 🌳

PuTTy terminal Linux

PuTTy logo

Please note that here 🔗 PuTTy SSH terminal is used for $bash command line.

PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client, developed by Simon Tatham for all Linux derivates & MS Windows. macOS includes its own command-line SSH client as part of the operating system.

user@raspberry:~ $ sudo su

Linux is fundamentally more secure than competing operating systems. The development through a free community is less driven by economic constraints and no services are imposed on the user. As a result, Linux can provide a secure foundation for advanced privacy protection without requiring the full attention.

At the moment, both Windows and Android are not recommended. This is due to security issues and a potential threat of malware, as well as the lack of appreciation to privacy.

Recommendations are always difficult to give the right perspectives of operating systems. Personal preferences, ideological contradictions and technical limitations hinder objective recommendations. With regard to the appreciation for data protection by the developer community or company, however, Linux distributions and the two systems from Apple macOS and iOS can currently be recommended.

31-Aug 2017

Revised 16-Dec 2018

The minor relocation | From no-cost dynDNS to own SLD server

Relocation | From no-cost dynDNS domain server to own SLD domain server From now on this web server runs under my own Second-Level-Domain (SLD). Extra expenses per month: some lousy 60 cents euro. My former dynDNS provider noip @ no-ip did show up with too many downtimes & dropouts.

Right, at least it was off from any monthly fees. 💰
Nevertheless I have made my assessments because dynDNS providers give more or less a set-and-forget setup.

🔗 Read various arguments in favour to this decision.

Estimated calculation of costs for the first year of acquisition.
Most Pi run headless and is controlled over SSH. It doesn't need a keyboard, mouse and display.

Raspberry Pi + shipment 40€
LAN-cable 5€
5V power supply 5€
microSD card 10€
Domain registration per year without webspace 15€
Energy consumption per year at 4Wh (0,004kW/h x 24h x 365 x 0,25€ per kW/h) 9€
Total costs around 84€ estimated.

To the second year of life around 24€ only (domain & energy).
And you get unrestrained access to /root to fire up a http(s) server in any configuration.

Extra fees for SSL 🔒 - https:// - are not considered.

22-Nov 2017

Revised 16-Dec 2018


Coffee break | Embed a free discussion platform

Commento is a discussion platform that you can embed on your blog, news articles, and any place where you want your readers to add comments. Commento is fast, lightweight, and privacy-focused; never sell your data, show ads, embed third-party tracking scripts, or inject affiliate links.

Commento Community Edition (CE) is open source software that's freely available under the MIT license. logo

Commento CE development is sponsored by Mozilla and DigitalOcean independently.

        ┌ Privacy-focused
        ├ Super lightweight, allowing for fast pageloads
        ├ Automatic spam filtering
        ├ Review and approve or delete comments through the moderation interface
        ├ Modern interface with a clean design
        ├ OAuth support (Google login, for example)
        ├ Custom CSS theming
        ├ Import from existing services (like Disqus)
        └ Completely free and open source (MIT Expat license)

🔗 Homepage

🔗 Documentation

Functions with one very simple lightweight Javascript.

        <div id="commento"></div>
        <script defer
        data-css-override=""> <!-- optional: your custom css -->

Commento supports 🔗 Markdown! That means you can use rich text: bold, italics, links, and more.

Try out 🔗 Commento here or with 🔗 preferred.

04-Dec 2018

Using PuTTy SSH session, Ubuntu terminal like Tilix and clear the command history

There have two ways to really clear the terminal so you won't see previous command results anymore.

user@... and root@... : history -c && history -w

Works even with a shorter string for both user@ and root@ seperately.

user@raspberry:~ $ history -cw
user@raspberry:~ $ sudo su
root@raspberry:# history -cw

18-Dec 2018

Web server | Why I don't use Wordpress' CMS & no other hidden costs opportunities

Wordpress is a free web application for managing the content of a website. It is particularly useful for building and maintaining a weblog, as it can assign each post to one or more freely-definable categories and automatically generates the corresponding navigation elements. In addition, Wordpress can also manage hierarchical pages and allows the use as a content management system.

What about the great things that Wordpress gives to you?
Wordpress gives you a quick install, tons and tons of themes - almost all of them have almost the same boring styles - and simple plugin installations, SEO capabilities. And ... and for the most interesting plugins you have to pay for.

SEO, the socalled Search Engine Optimization is nothing else than a money grabbing factor. You do not need any assistances and helps by third parties anyhow influenced to optimize your pages for ranking. A self-study about it should be one of your main targets.

⛔ Do never ever submit your username and password to such friendly affiliated developers and freelancers unless such you know them personally.

Wordpress is the most popular and widely used CMS : One thing I don't like about Wordpress is the security. All the daily generated logs to my Apache server sing me that. Second thingy : and really really really you never ever won't learn anything to textbased coding for example to html5 and css3.

So, that's the answer to this Why is that I stay primitively with a static vintage style preferred.

And that's just as well. General rule of thumb : after around one year you established your personal domain with all the pages underneath become more effective to the major search engines in the world wide web. This is not a secret. It's all the matter of time, not at all your money invested for any rapid actions.

Keep this in your minds, all what you need is time and patience. Nothing else.

23-Dec 2018

🎮 SuperTux | Somewhere at the shores of Antarctica ...

Dec 23, 2018
The SuperTux team is excited to announce the availability of the stable release 0.6.0 after almost two years of development.

SuperTux 0.6.0

Short description: run through the levels with Tux and defeat evil opponents by jumping on them, collecting bonuses and using new abilities.

Homepage 🔗

SuperTux Nightly downloads 🔗

How to use the SuperTux Nightly AppImage file in Linux ?

Well, at first download the SuperTux_2-v0.6.0-..etc..-x86_64.AppImage file, then chmod it and run from terminal, e.g. Tilix.

user@Inspiron:~/Downloads$ chmod a+x SuperTux_2-v0.6.0-..etc..-x86_64.AppImage

user@Inspiron:~/Downloads$ ./SuperTux_2-v0.6.0-..etc..-x86_64.AppImage

AppImages can be downloaded and run without installation and the need for root rights.

30-Dec 2018

Ranger | Terminal file manager

Ranger is a powerful file manager for the PuTTy terminal.

ranger, terminal, console, file manager

By a three-column representation it is neatly arranged. The middle column is active, in the left the parent directory is displayed, while on the right a preview of the selected file / folder appears. All operations are controlled by key bindings. These bindings can be adapted to your own needs. Browsing in tabs is possible. By installing additional packages the program can be extended.

Homepage 🔗

root@raspberry:# apt install ranger
root@raspberry:# ranger

23-Jan 2018

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